Trauma, Violence, and Abuse in Later Life: Multilevel Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention Strategies

Trauma initially occurring in childhood is associated with later life re­victimization and compromised physical and mental health. Participant will learn about (1) the relationship between early childhood trauma and later life trauma, violence, and abuse in later life and the human rights implications, (2) the unique dynamics and challenges of the influence of earlier life trauma on later life re­victimization, physical and mental health, and other domains of well­being, (3) the role of resilient coping in trauma recovery in fostering health and well­being, (4) promising and evidence­based individual, family, and community approaches to prevention, assessment, and interventions with diverse elders, including restorative justice approaches, and (4) infusing culturally responsiveness and humility in practice and programming.

Participants will be able to (1) articulate the common the types of trauma experienced by elders across the life course (2) describe the types of mental, physical, and behavioral health consequences and the role of the DSM­5 (3) demonstrate the use of forensic trauma assessment tools with the aging population. (3) apply the knowledge, values and skills obtained for assessment and intervention using case examples that focus on individuals and families, interprofessional teams, and intersectoral collaboration, and (5) identify legal and policy issues related to justice involved older adults and applied to case and legislative level advocacy.

Instructors: Dr. Tina Maschi and Dr. Keith Morgen

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