Moving Stories Project (MSP)

Older Adults Talk About Their Experiences Before, During, and After Immigration or Other Significant Life Experiences


Dr. Tina Maschi in collaboration with the Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service (New York) is the director of the classroom experiential learning project, “Moving Stories: Older Adults Talk About Their Experiences Before, During, and After Immigration and Other Significant Life Experiences.” This ongoing experiential project partners senior year bachelor’s and social work (BASW) and master’s level (MSW) students with older adults, who volunteer to share their personal or family experiences of immigration or other significant life events such as incarceration. This intergenerational relationship enables students to:

  • Learn to conduct culturally responsive oral history interviews with diverse elders and persons of all ages
  • Work collaboratively with older adult partners to create narratives, poster size visual accounts of their lives and/or cultures, videos, or other creative mediums
  • Publicly present their collaborative work experience during a spring semester classroom or public forum
  • Foster dialogue and take creative action about systemic injustices unearthed in the life stories

If you are interested in adopting this project at your school, please contact Dr. Maschi at


Maschi, T. (2016). A Classroom Guide to Conducting Culturally Responsive Oral History Interview Projects with Older Adults.  New York: Passion for Justice Books. Available at:


Available at:

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