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Mission:  The mission of the Justia Agenda is to build awareness of and take action on human rights and social justice issues through research, practice, advocacy, writing, and education. Developed by Dr. Tina Maschi, Justia Agenda activities foster reflection, dialogue, and action on how human rights and social justice can be realized in everyday and professional practice.

Action Steps: Justia Agenda activities that involve research, education, education, writing, social media, and advocacy provide a vehicle to disseminate information to raise critical consciousness and the recognition of psychological sociopolitical contexts in which injustices are exposed and in which justice and fairness can replace it . Transforming families, communities, and society first entails transforming individuals to change themselves.  Through participation in self or project-sponsored activities, Justia Agenda activities help promote the achievement of a socially just world in which human rights, social justice, and well-being are realized for people of all ages everywhere. 

Founder and Director: Tina Maschi, PhD, LCSW, ACSW

Select Current  Justia Agenda Projects:

  • Aging and the Criminal Justice System Project (ACJP)
  • Trauma, Aging and Well-Being (TAW)
  • Community Connections: Bridging Corrections to the Community (CC)
  • Arts for Change Project (ACP)
  • Rainbow Justice Project (RJP)
  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods Collective (QMMC)
  • Moving Stories Project (MSP)
  • Community Connections-NYSDOCCS Collaboration
  • Global Academy for Rights and Justice
  • Advancement of a Justia Agenda for Social Work


Available Consultation and Other Services

  • Program Development, Implementation, and Grant Writing
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Consultation (Research, Evaluation, Dissertations, Scholarly Writing, Other)
  • Research, Manuscript Preparation, Editing, and Publishing Consulting
  • Expert Testimony
  • Professional Training and Public Education and Speaking


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