WHAT IS OUR MISSION: The mission of the Justia Agenda is to create awareness of human rights and social justice issues using research, advocacy, and the arts and education. Our activities foster dialogue and action on how human rights and social justice can be realized in everyday and professional practice.

WHO WE ARE: We are a collective of globally conscious researchers, practitioners, artists, educators, students, policy-makers, advocates/activists, and concerned citizens whose independent scholarly and creative ventures are designed to disseminate knowledge, values, and skills that will help improve the individual and community response to critical social issues and improve individual, family, and community well-being using ‘any media means necessary.

WHAT WE DO: Our activities that involve research, the arts, education, and advocacy provide a vehicle to disseminate information to raise critical consciousness and the recognition of psychological sociopolitical contexts in which justice or ‘injustices’. Transforming society first entails transforming ourselves to move to individual and mass liberation. Through participation in self or group project-sponsored activities, we help promote the achievement of a socially just world in which human rights, social justice, and well-being are realized for everyone everywhere. On a daily basis, our lived reality challenges individuals, families, and communities everywhere to look inside to identify and eradicate oppressive attitudes, thoughts, and practices towards self and others and replace it with thought forms that foster equality, opportunity, liberation, and peace.

MAIN ACTIVITIES: Research and Evaluation, Program Design and Evaluation, Policy, Advocacy, Public Education, and Social Work and Inter-Professional Education and Training.

Founder and Director: Tina Maschi, PhD, LCSW, ACSW Email: tmaschi@fordham.edu Tel: 212-636-6640

Select Projects Highlighted

  • Aging in the Criminal Justice System (Aging Justice)
  • Trauma, Aging and Well-Being 
  • Community Connections: Bridging Corrections to the Community 
  • Arts for Healing and Transformation
  • Rainbow Justice Project 
  • Moving Stories Project (MSP)
  • A Justia Agenda for Social Work: Advancing Forensic Practice Worldwide
  • Public Education and Training

 Available Consultation and Other Services

  • Program Development, Implementation, and Grant Writing
  • Public Awareness and Policy Advocacy
  • Public and Professional Training (Aging and the Criminal Justice System, Forensic Social Work, plus more)
  • Technical Assistance
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Consultation (Research, Evaluation, Dissertations, Scholarly Writing, Other)
  • Manuscript Preparation, Editing, and Publishing Consulting
  • Clinical and Professional Supervision, Academic Coaching
  • Expert Testimony
  • Public Speaking

Contact Us

The Justia Agenda
113 West 60 Street
New York, NY 10023
Tel: 212-636-6640
Email 1: justiaagenda@fordham.edu or collab@fordham.edu
Email 2: tmaschi@fordham.edu

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Forensic Social Work: Psychosocial and Legal Issues Across Diverse Populations and Settings (2nd Edition)

Editors: Tina Maschi, PhD and George Leibowitz, PhD Publisher: Springer Publishing Company, New York, NY Link to its future home and extended resource page: http://www.springerpub.com/forensic-social-work.html

FSW 2nd edition 

Download the PDF here: FSW BOOK

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